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Yuanie Another pair up project with my dearest partner, Maria ^o^ ! This time it is our ST Kore ga Revue costume, me as Sakura and Maria as ... Maria =D !
  • Inuran Very nice pair kyaaaaa *Waves Sakura Taisen Banner* 18 years ago
  • maria_tachi I think not many people will use this kind of sparkling cloth to make costume. Hence, this is a good try on making costume with this cloth. 18 years ago
  • TristenCitrine EEEE! YAY for Revue! It is SO GREAT seeing other people cosplay these :) Oh how I love the Revue! 18 years ago
  • Hayate i love this photo~~very nice >3 18 years ago
  • lowiesclw the picture look great...exspecialy the cloth, gorgeous...hope my camera / V cam got your pic!! 18 years ago
  • Yuanie Thanks alot for the comments ^_^ Me and Maria really appreciate ~! 18 years ago
  • BladeWing Wah... hahaha looks so nice in the pics! Great seeing u guys there! ;) 18 years ago
  • Nevar Woah very shiny and cute :D Too bad I don't get to see it in real life :o 18 years ago
  • piyo2himi Uwaaaa Shiny cloth! *____* It all looks so beautiful! T^T 18 years ago
  • xrysx *pops in* so pretty & shiny! luv ur costumes p>.<q 18 years ago
  • IceAlchemist cute and shiny at the same time wow^^ 18 years ago
  • ZiggyB Yay for the Revue outfits! I love how shiny they are. :D I have white Revue tuxedo (for Ohgami) that's almost done. :) It really is to bad we're so far away from each other. :( 18 years ago
  • Evali Those are crazy cute! 18 years ago