Charlie-chan's image
Charlie-chan Juri the announcer from the Dark Tournament. I made this costume for my friend LayerD (with help from her also). I think it came out very cute and we got it as exact as possible.
  • layerD Charlie, thanks for helping me make this ^^ I love it! Maybe you can finally cosplay Hiei, and Ashley could do Koto; and have a YYH group ^^ Eh? 18 years ago
  • Charlie-chan Chibi Ice Wolf: thankies ^__^ i thought it was cute 2. good thing my friend liked it also. lol 19 years ago
  • Chibi Ice Wolf I love this costume! So cute and colorful! 19 years ago
  • Charlie-chan Saki Toshizawa- *runs away* AH! to many scary fighters for Juri to handle T__T lol, thankies Hime no Toki- hehe, actually it's my friend that's wearing the costume. but thanks anyways ^^ Tainted-Embrace- lol, sankyu!! glad to know people think im good at sewing cute things. 19 years ago
  • Tainted-Embrace OMG ITS SO CUTE. Help me make something cute like that. -Dies.- Lol.. 19 years ago
  • NiGHTmaren You make a very kawaii Juri. ^.^ *~Hime no Toki~* 19 years ago