Rubeus's image
Rubeus MikaChan and me as Selphie and Irvine ^-^
(sorry for the bad picture quality -.-)

  • TiraMisuSH ;-; I wanna be in a picture with my rubeus... *sniffles and cries* 18 years ago
  • Lady_Selphie WAAAAAAAAWAAAAAAA I want Irvine..... anyway u to looks cute 18 years ago
  • Selphie2008 Aww! So cute! I wasn't lucky enough to have an Irvine. My boyfriend thought he looked like a chick and there were none at Ohayocon 4 ;_; Now the one year that there's gonna be TWO Irvines who wanna meet me there I hafta go as a stupid fad costume that there's gonna be a million of! But you guys did a great job, uber uber cuteness. And, if I go as Selphie to another con, can I borrow him? XD 19 years ago
  • Selphinator *pushes the other selphie out of the picture and edits herself in* Muwahahahaha! 19 years ago
  • Demri Aw, how cute! ^-^ Looks good, despite the crappy picture quality! Hehe, I'd like to borrow you two for an FFVIII photo shoot! :) 19 years ago
  • amiukeorseme Woah. Sweet costumes! They're both really well done in my opinion *paws at Irvine's coat* 19 years ago