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evil_neko w00t w00t, more Katsu pictures! Al = awesome <333. This costume makes me so happy <3333. I love Kagura; she's like me, but with all her actions/emotions amplified. It's great.

I got bangs just for this costume XD. I <3 them. I was bored on Friday morning so I was like "Yo Mom, wanna cut me bangs?" and she was like "Werd."

So I have bangs now. Yay.
  • evil_neko Thanks :D 18 years ago
  • Admiral_Cecil Uniform looks great on ya. Definately sittin' pretty. And, the best looking Kagura. Werd up ^^! 18 years ago
  • evil_neko Thanks XD 18 years ago
  • RikkuX oooo so cute! 18 years ago
  • evil_neko Gale: You would look cute with bangs ^.^ Little wispy ones off to the side or something ^_^; Sci: ...hi Robbie XD Nice to hear from you too XP. 18 years ago
  • Sciguy now that is sexy... lol 18 years ago
  • Gale oooh! You make a great Kagura! VERY pretty costume! (and a great picture here too) I wish I could get up the nerve to tell my mom to cut me some bangs or something...but I've been hesitant to ever since I cut my own in 7th grade and she was very disapointed and later discouraged me from getting bangs when I was 15 >_< oh well... 18 years ago