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Hasu That is the name with which I am referred to by some netizens due to my less than normal appearance in Queen Esther. It's flattering in a really weird way. It's like being 4-chan'd. XD

So, random fact about costume: the cross on the top of my staff broke off three times before I got this picture, and once again before masquerade. And it still lives to this day.

Anyway, this picture is courtesy of SeraMunn on c.com. (did I spell that right? lol) Anyway, she and her group were excellent to associate with at AX and before masquerade, and her costume puts mine to shame. I love this picture because it shows my wig in one of it's best shades, and I had my skirt pinned higher so that I could walk, and thus the pearls on the hem are visible.

I just got back from what could be called a rehab cosplay retreat with inu-chan00 and samorooca from c.com. And...many photos were taken, which I will post later to make up for the utter lack of AX pictures I have.
  • penny_dreadful *jawdrop* STOP MAKING ME FEEL INFERIOR, HASU. 15 years ago
  • KittyCatChi it was cool seeing you up close in your costume in the dressing room ^.^ I think I had more fun in there then the masquerade itself =) I regret not finishing Dietrich in time to walk around with Seramuun when they met up with you D= 15 years ago
  • KTMonkeyJ beautiful!! 15 years ago
  • MishaRose22 Ah, I thought your costume was beautiful! ^^ You really did look like a doll! 15 years ago
  • inu-chan00 im so lucky..I GOT TO PARTY WITH THAT DRESSS..and help dress you. BABY. ::TAPPS:: we love youuuuu ~! (me and sami i mean..err) 15 years ago
  • SeraMuun I think everyone had a bad time at masq. Our audio got messed up and no one could make out what was said >.<. Looking lovely Hasu ^^. I don't even want to think abotu making this costume.. i could feel my wallet crying already..haha... :)(pst its seramuun :) and please..your costume was very well done. i'm happy you got an award..even thoguh i couldnt tell what it was with everything that happened that night @[email protected] 15 years ago
  • KurosakiHisoka Your costume was beautiful. I'm sorry you had a shitty experience in the Masquerade. My group did too (we were the Dead or Alive girls in the change room with you, I was the one in the black corset). Just wanted to drop you a line to say you had nice craftsmanship and I hope to see more from you in the future! 15 years ago