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  • clovr Hi my name is Reagine. I'm doing a college project for my English class. I've decided that I'm going to do a Magazine on Cosplay in America or possibly around the world. I need some pictures of cosplayers in their costumes. If you guys would be so kindly to help me out by answering these questions and would be so kindly to send me a couple pictures of the same costume you've chosen. I would be happy because you guys helped me out on getting an A in my class!! lol Questions: Name: User: Age: Gender: Location: Character: Costume (did you make it or buy it): Fabric: Date You took the picture: Where: Hours it took: How long have you been cosplaying?: How many costumes or characters have you cosplayed?: Why or What made you decide to start cosplaying? What do you enjoy most about cosplaying? Do you compete in skits, judging and etc? What is your next character that you will cosplay as? What convention will you be attending in the future? If you possibly would like a copy via digital when I'm done, please leave me a valid email address so I can send it to you. Email address: My email is: [email][email protected][/email] you can send your pictures to me in your email and the questions if you don't want to post it here on the forum. But I would prefer you to email me instead so the forum doesn't stack or you can leave a link and allow me to take some pictures of your chosing. Thank You VERY MUCH FOR HELPING ME OUT!!! I REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT. REALLY! Thanks. Reagine Fang clovr 14 years ago
  • Rock nam Lee Oooo, exquisite photo Vicky : ) 14 years ago