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from costume Nono
Mirromaru Phew, this costume was done in 3 days plus 6 hours in the car on my way to munich xD I had help sewing on the bootcovers from my friend Anke, otherwise I wouldn't have finished this in time, thank you dear! :) The bathing suit will have to be revamped, I don't like how the colors photographs, doesn't look pink enough to me, plus something went wrong with the shape when I sewed on the side-thong-thingys... Other than that, I'm happy with it, and very happy to have cosplayed Nono! I love her, she is just so much like me ;_; (yes, I know, everyone says that, but really!)

I hope I can make her maid dress and her pilot suit (regular, not Gunbuster mode) one day, too :x
  • vegeeta Pretty "Noriko". But also look "Kazumi". B'cuz this is perfect. 13 years ago
  • Dia YAY DIEBUSTER! I love seeing Diebuster and Gunbuster stuff, and this is the perfect mix of both - looks great! 13 years ago