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from costume Jecht
Elffi Oh hai!

Desucon 2011 (Lahti, Finland) is over.
And here is my cosplay, Jecht from Final Fantasy Dissidia.
Took me 6 days to make this costume.

These are the rest of the photoshoot and I have a buch of photos I would like to share with you!

Costume is made by me.
I have some step by step WIP photos in my journal, check them out if you wanna know how to make the props for example. And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

And yeah, I'm normally very white. I have a white skin and white/orange beard, white hair and eyebrows. I painted 'em all black with a permanent color. And it's a black wig I cut and styled (punky from cosworx). And I get tanned easily, I have a solarium at home too and I'v been bathing in the sun for a few weeks.

Props are made of Wonderflex, my very first trying that material, and these armors are the very first prototypes and try outs of it xD They are all painted black for a base color and then drybrushed with different miniature paints to make out that cool silverish effect. Tattoo is water based make up by Grimas. Scars are brown and light brown miniature paint in two layers. And yes, I do wear red contact lenses.

So, I hope you like it! I'v gained like 21 kilos (61kg to 82kg) in a few yeas by hitting a gym, put I lost a few kilos while making this cosplay. Sorry about that. I'm sure I'll be in a good shape at the WCS 2011 (World Cosplay Summit). This will be my parade costume in Nagoya this year. I'd love to be at least 85 kilos.

Photographer: http://yayagami.deviantart.com/