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BreannaAiedail Bow came over and we tried on our costumes together.
  • Radien Hmmm, apparently Google Chrome won't let me do nested replies here... Odd. Or maybe it's not Chrome. Heh, I guess you win, yes, if that's how you look at it. But yes, Link is definitely short, particularly in TP and SC2. Good thing he has a horse. :P 13 years ago
  • Radien Like, REALLY short for a guy. In Soul Calibur 2, he is the shortest character in the game, even compared to the 15-year old girl... although his fighting stance is a little hunched over, so he might be a little taller. But I'm guessing... no taller than 5'5"? In TP, Princess Zelda is actually *taller* than him. Those Japanese males and their height complexes. Always gotta have a hero who synbolically overcomes the height barrier. 13 years ago
  • Radien These really look great! I think you two make a great pair of Links! Although apparently one of the Links got tired of being short and started taking growth hormones... ;) (Just kidding, I'm a tall Link cosplayer too) 13 years ago