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from costume Naked Snake
  • kinkami Yay zombie. Great job! I like having Snake wear that face paint during the final cut scenes. I just looks so stinkn' ridiculous. 15 years ago
  • GyrfalconAH64D awesome face paint there buddy! 16 years ago
  • atldirtypunk MAybe we can all hang out next year at DragonCon. It would be most fun, btw I saw you from the evelvator in the marrot :) 16 years ago
  • Nav yes, that was most likely me in the devil may cry group. i try my best to say hello to every snake cosplayer i see. us video game cosplayers hafto stick together. ^^ and i think i'll hafto try that make-up out later, i really like the look of it. thanks for your help. :) 16 years ago
  • Nav that's really great! what kind of face paint did you use? it looks so vibrant. 16 years ago