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DianA-sama Someone (we tend to blame eachother) got the brilliant idea of doing a mermaid shoot on the beach in October. So there we went, in the cold, pretending it was a nice and sunny day...

But it was totally worth it! Our photographer Mirjam did a great job, and I love the results of the shoot :D
  • NoblesseGermany So pretty! 13 years ago
  • Lady Tyrona saw this on Mirjam's mobile when I was reunited with my mobile. So f*ing pretty! Yay for mermaids in October! 13 years ago
  • Albel-Nox So beautiful *____* I'm sure it was cold .___. 13 years ago
  • Teetah i totally love this shot and your costume! :D 13 years ago
  • Rainya Absolutely stunning! 13 years ago
  • liivingdeadgirl Freaking gorgeous photography! 13 years ago
  • Fire Lily You look so pretty! 13 years ago
  • Jersey This is a beautiful photo, you look so lovely! 13 years ago
  • Gloha_h Hooray to mermaid cosplayers! 13 years ago
  • Kaiya_Kurama Wow you look sooooo beautiful and I love the pic lol its like who cares about the cold I look great lolol 13 years ago
  • MionBloodyMess Beautiful 13 years ago
  • SAN_CHAN nice 13 years ago
  • Simakai This is a wonderful shot! I hope you didn't get sick because of the cold water! 13 years ago