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THIS COSTUME has. been. nothing. but. heartache. ): like, finding materials was a bitch, finding grenades was a bitch, figuring out how to do the leg was a bitch .. but if it all comes together, it'll be amazing being with my NMH group : D

save for 80% of the leg, this is literally all i have done for this costume. aha 6 DAYS TO FINISH. I still have to add the pockets onto this and attach the straps, butyeah. needed the traditional mirror pic progress shot x:

the boobs are an optical illusion, dont be fooled.

to be worn at fan expo aka NMHcon08
  • mikcy AWESOMEEEE. I knew you'd be a super hot Holly. >:] I can't wait to see it~ The leg and grenades = BITCHBITCHBITCH 15 years ago
  • Chii Motosuwa You make an awesome Holly - Can't wait to see it done. =O 15 years ago
  • PanicMoon That hair looks soooo cute on you! I can't wait to see this all done =D 15 years ago
  • linzb0t. LOOKIN PERFECT! so excited for NMHcon! 15 years ago