Saeru's image
from costume Ven
Saeru I don't have many full body pictures of me, mostly because I'm not entirely pleased at how short the pants make me look. On the other hand, I guess I'm supposed to be cosplaying a teenage boy, so maybe I ought to be looking short, but I still feel I come across more stocky than young. Perhaps I shall find a way to fix this.

Thought that I'd eventually make Ven's shoes, and just never found the time. These did pretty well in a pinch.

Thanks so much to Elemental for taking lovely photos of me!
  • Fukada great cosplay! = ) 13 years ago
  • Selphie great photo and costume! 13 years ago
  • FleursDeLis Your legs come across as stockier because the colors go straight across, breaking your leg up into segments. to prevent this, make the pants slightly longer, or find boots that don't come up so high on your calves. or, make the grey panel on the pants longer, and the black and white ones a little shorter on the bottom, as well as the blue on top... All in all, amazing costume 13 years ago
  • Ketsivaun Awesome cosplay. ;o 13 years ago
  • Crystalike Awesome!!! the craftsmanship is so clean! 14 years ago