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Amberle Agito and Akito Wanijima from Airgear!

I finally uploaded this cosplay~~ I look pretty bad as Agito cause i look really bad when i look pissed. ): This one of my favourite shots from Togusa!

I made this costume using Kula's as reference, thank you Akito chan~~~ ♥ (OOC OTL)

Akito Wanijima: KulaNeko
Agito Wanijima: Lenne (amberle lah!)
Photographed by Togusa.
  • Amberle Thank you! ♥ 14 years ago
  • Kazeki I think your Agito is nice! XD 14 years ago
  • Amberle peaceless, `Difficile : aw thanks! XD shattered_song: Thank you ;^; The photogs did a wonderful job! 7th Heaven: I think so too! XDDD Astellecia: Yeah la the costume so hot ;A; peggy: RINGO ALSO VERY CUTE <3<3 14 years ago
  • peggy AHHHHH WHY SO CUTE. <3 <3 14 years ago
  • Astellecia HAWT STUFF!! 14 years ago
  • `Difficile AHHHHH That is awesome, you two!! 14 years ago
  • 7th Heaven hyuu~~ akito looks soooooooo cute 14 years ago
  • shattered_song awesome!! the costumes are very crisp and wll made! i love this picture!!!! 14 years ago
  • peaceless You both look amazing! 14 years ago