Diagnosed's image
from costume Enzo Matrix
Diagnosed Part of a photoshoot with Elemental.

We had great fun messing around together after attending some of the Reboot panels & events.

Featherweight with his Captain Gavin Capacitor (aka "Crimson Binome") puppet
QuantumDestiny as Dot Matrix
Mike as Bob (no cosplay.com account)
Glay as Hexadecimal
Anatra as Megabyte
RezidentPsyko as Mouse
JoNo as "Matrix" (no cosplay.com account)
Jenna supporting Featherweight's Phong puppet (special thanks for your stage ninja-ing!)
Tenshi Musouka as Ray Tracer (The Surfer)
TribalButterfly as AndrAIa
  • yrp! OMG REBOOT COSPLAY! <3 love it! 10 years ago