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from costume Tavros Nitram
Eletsy I followed this Summoner horn tutorial, if anyone wants to know more details on how I did it.


These are the progress picturs I took while working with the horns.

1. Very blurry, but sadly I don't have another pic and didn't notice it until too late. One horn being fixed in place.
2. Wires for the second horn.
3. Both in place, carved and the on on the right is covered in hotglue so that the clay would stick. Or as my sister said, these are my bananas.
4. Painted, one side getting clay while other got glue. And look! Some confidence!
5. Both horns got clay.
6. Sanded them down.
7. Horns got some varnish, both as base and covered after being painted and painted the area between the pool noodle and clay got extra paint with a palette knife.
7.5. Close up on the paint.
And done! Well, had to make the wig, but don't have pictures. It also haven't been styled then.
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