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from costume Zaeed Massani
hmwsg x I don't got all day, kid!

I made the undersuit and my boyfriend made my amazing and immaculate armor and pistol. Please check out the WIP photos on his page since he doesn't have a coscom account!

Photo by Swoz
Thanks Kevin for shopping out my badge and peacebond!!
(I tried shopping the dead eye in since I am a giant baby about contacts :( )
  • Lady Muramasa Ha you are so f*ckin cool for this one! You make an awesome Fem Zaeed! ;-) 11 years ago
  • vegeeta Stylish and cool ever seen.. 11 years ago
  • ReJecT001 Badass cannot describe this. I need to come up with a new word to describe this. Superextraawesomebadass. That's how amazing this is. 11 years ago
  • Overbeck nice work 11 years ago
  • EmmaInCandyland badass :') 11 years ago