Ragtime Mouth's image
from costume Berri the Chipmunk
Ragtime Mouth Her shape is just made of priority tape and newspapers right now. ;D I'm good with making things from garbage. I can guarantee she is NOT going to look like garbage when she's done. Her teeth aren't real, I just put tape there so I could work around her mouth. Looks as if I decapitated her here.

Her proportion is actually the hardest part of this project; it's so strange; it'll be hard to match it with my body. She has a lot of different shapes and curves to her face I managed to capture a bit, you can see some of the different bulges around her mouth with better pictures. They'll be more clear and smooth later, when it's not just priority tape and I'll use my actual camera.
Finding angles proved to be a pain in the butt, but I manged to print screen for different angles. Also replayed the entire game, and looked closely at her HUGE head. Never mind the rack, I'll worry about that later. :p

Still have alot to tweak on her before I can make her solid to further work on her, but it's looking okay.