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from costume Sakura
brightling I can't believe I still don't have any photos of the complete version of this costume... of course I just finally did the final finishing details on it, but still! I love this costume. So so much.

This picture is still not of the complete costume as I'm not wearing the hair ornaments, or have the staff that I borrowed from my peacock costume since it matches this one too. I do love the costumes CLAMP did for Tsubasa (just wish the plot made more sense).

This photo courtesy of Lockport Expeditionary Force over on Flickr, taken the Friday of Anime North 2011. :D
  • stav The kimono is gorgeous! 12 years ago
  • Neizfer ohh my gosh!! XOO that looks AMAZING XO~!~~~~~ 12 years ago
  • Panda Treats This is STUNNING. 12 years ago
  • JadeKat The flames look AMAZING~ *A* 12 years ago