Hanyaan's image
Hanyaan oH sHiT i HoPe tHiS iSn'T tOo MuCh LiKe ThE fIrSt PiC I hAvE uP HeRe oN dA bUt fUcK i LoVe It.
AnImE LoS aNgElEs WaS fUcKiNg AmAzInG. aLl ThE oThEr TrOlLs WeRe SoMe Of tHe BeSt PeOpLe EvEr aNd I hAd OnE fUcKiNg AmAzInG tImE. yOu AlL aRe ToTaL bRoS iF yOu'Re ReAdInG tHiS. i CoUlDn'T hAvE fOuNd mOrE dOpE bRoS tO sHaRe My aWeSoMe DrInKs WiTh. ThErE's GrOuP pIcS oN mSpAcHaN aNd ShIt bUt I kInD oF dOn'T wAnt To pOsT oThEr PeOpLe wItHoUt tHeIr PeRmIsSiOn, yOu KnOw?

pIc By EuRoBeAt KiNg. ThAnKs MaN!
  • Kantasy You make a great Gamzee and a great crossplayer! May I ask how you made your wig so poofy and matted like his hair is? 11 years ago
  • ToroSonyCat Your Gamzee cosplay is so perfect! *__* 11 years ago
  • AcaciaOkami hOnK hOnK mOtHeRfUcKeR! This is awesome! 11 years ago
  • PunkRockPanic Your Gamzee makes me so happy! You captured him wonderfully and your wig is amazing. HoNk (o: 11 years ago