kowaipanda's image
from costume Ashe B'nargin Dalmasca
kowaipanda buta-chan as Rasler
Neizfer as Penelo
and me as Ashe

*poor poor boots. RIP
  • LadyCerbero nice =) 10 years ago
  • airbendergal Hey friends! XD ~Larsa 10 years ago
  • Feena-chan great job to you three *_* I wish to see more photos ^o^ you all did such a great job and I really love the armor work ^-^ 10 years ago
  • Neizfer WOW XDDD ahahaha that costume T_T we should make your boots again then XDDDD or is it the wedding dress XDD XDD harang ako sa gitna XDDDD 11 years ago
  • Elendriel Fantastic! May I ask what Rasler's armor is made from? 11 years ago
  • Crystal Lizzy Very nice. :] 11 years ago