Crystalike's image
from costume Sheryl Nome
Crystalike Costume, wig, photoshoot planning by me.
Flower crown, and pics taken by Luminae!
I'm sitting on a frozen fountain actually, in the summer the water goes pretty high, and there's a little waterfall right where I'm sitting. :D
  • Mao_Melissa Wow, just beautiful Crystal! You look really stunning in cool toned colors, they really compliment your skin tone. Major props also for enduring the cold. I'm sure arranging the dress just so in your photos took quite a bit of time but it was definitely worth it! 11 years ago
  • Sakura Blizzard Your cosplays always come out great. I love them. And I use them sometimes to remember why I'm cosplaying in the first place. Perfect. 11 years ago
  • stav Lovely dress! you look amazing!*.* 11 years ago
  • PunkRockPanic You look so amazing! The costume and photo are absolutely gorgeous! And of course, the model is tooooo <3~ 11 years ago
  • Paigey I love your Diamond Crevasse dress! Gorgeous! 11 years ago