Mizuno Tenshi's image
from costume Sailor Mercury
Mizuno Tenshi Me in my Sailor Mercury costume, can't remember who the photographer was... if you're him, lemme know and I'll credit. ^_^
  • atemluver wow, you are so pretty!!!!! Great costume I love it! 10 years ago
  • Diegator Very nice. I'm in the planning stages of making this same costume. I may PM you with some questions, if you don't mind :D 11 years ago
  • Gianet Oh wow, the pose is very elegant and the costume looks brilliant! Well done~ :3 12 years ago
  • Serenith I'm pretty sure I remember seeing you! Are you going this year? :D 12 years ago
  • usakou I love your costume^^ 13 years ago
  • Sufida I love it 13 years ago