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tierza89 better pictures to come soon.
  • Kammers Fantastic craftsmanship. I'm actually working on the same cosplay now! I love your accuracy--especially with the colors. Most Edeas I have seen use too much flat yellow, no color gradation on the dress, etc. (Which I can totally understand, it's hard to get things perfect. I am having second thoughts on my own color choices now). Just a couple questions, what did you use to elongate the fingers for her 'claws' and how did you attatch the backpiece? I saw on your backpiece photo that there were a couple straps attached, but it doesn't seem like they're around your arms. But really, you did a great job with proportion, craftsmanship and accuracy! One of the best! 11 years ago
  • score This looks FREAK'N SWEET! Everything looks clean and sharp. Great work! 12 years ago
  • Nodoka amazing work! 12 years ago
  • The Boss Seriously: it gave me shivers! Awesome Edea! 12 years ago
  • Lady Saea Ooooh! Wonderful Edea! =D 12 years ago
  • AikoNoble Ah! Edea! So cool! :O 12 years ago
  • Codename Otacon It looks great!! 12 years ago