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from costume Rally(Larry) Vincent
SailorGaia Here's a better shot of the coat which took me forever to do, considering I dumped white paint all over my sister's apartment carpet!! :O She graciously wasn't too peeved about it (especially since we were able to get it out!) but it took the wind out of my sails to finish it. I just was so embarrassed.

It Dali-Lamb hadn't done the touch up work (because my stencils peeled the paint underneath >.>) this would have never happened. She did the touch up work, I might add, on Saturday of ACen during a huge room party. Way to go, Lamb!

This is also before Keichi Sonoda signed my coat!! \^o^/ I'm so glad we finished it!!

*Photo thanks to Kuragiman!
  • yasafusa Very cool jacket! Painting would have been much more economical than what I did... hehe, I saved and saved and had mine embroidered... OMG it was pricey, but was sooo worth it and the ladies at the sewing-shop said they loved the logo.. I'll have to post a pic sometime.. :3 I had to draw everything up in Illustrator and then have them import it.. yup, quite the pain. beautiful work and how lucky on the carpet oops :P 13 years ago
  • akira_chan Holy crap you met Mr. Sonoda?!? That's awesome! 14 years ago