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from costume Kaito
amecandy Photo by: Shiroro
  • hyuugafied Awesome job! How you managed to scrounge up an official clear back view of his coat is beyond me. 14 years ago
  • effervescence The coat is so nicely made, may I ask how you did the design? 15 years ago
  • sixthsky fjsdklfj this looks amazing. I love all the detail; there's no way my Kaito coat is going to look as awesome as yours. xD 15 years ago
  • Rynn You did such a beautiful job with this! The design is so crisp! 15 years ago
  • mirasaki Oh my goodness. Did you make this? The detail is absolutely flawless! 15 years ago
  • SailorAnime Beautiful coat! The designs look so crisp. 15 years ago