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from costume Lelouch Vi Britannia
Kyte27 Well well, didn't think I could make a Zero mask tbh lol Decided to give it a shot. At first I aimed for the fun foam tutorial on making armor and helmets but didn't work for me..So, I remembered the old balloon and paper-mache trick back in 7th grade! Took several days to add layers of glue and newspaper til I popped the inside balloon.

But realized balloon mold was too big so I began thinking. Then, it hit me: hamster ball! So ran to Petco, grabbed one that was dark blue, had dad saw it in half for me, and then I just cut slices of the paper mache and began adding piece by piece around the half. Sadly the points doesn't stick out as much as I hoped for >_<;
  • DieForHonor diggin the zero mask ^^ you have patience my friend...i love it to bits ^^ *pokes the shiny blue* blllllllllllluuuuuuuuuuuue 13 years ago
  • Tohma HA XD Hamster Ball. I have so totally used those for props too. They are so amazingly useful~ 14 years ago