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kittyninja Better shot of my wig, even though in the picture the color is still off >_< But i had good lighting in my room so I took the opportunity to take the picture. (no way I'm going outside when It's 54 ) I learned to finally put it on right and style it. (even though the fringe goes the opposite way it should >_>)

Lmao, I just realized how ridiculous my expression looks in the photo XD
  • B.B.XParasitic I completely agree with the above two. Lol. Both cute, and....Great wig. Lol. 14 years ago
  • AmberTheStylist I have no idea what that character is but it's a really great wig. You could easily get a lot of use out of it for other characters if you ever decide on trying something from Marvel or DC. You're just so adorable! 14 years ago
  • Geister Very cute! 14 years ago