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effembee Another favorite from our favorite photographer, Lionel. <3

  • Shadow Valkyrie Who did the wonderful Iyana cosplay? 14 years ago
  • DarkIceLady Great photo and beautiful costumes too! ^_~ 14 years ago
  • AmazonMandy ♥ Adorable as always! 14 years ago
  • bunnybeth You are cute x 10 in this pic. ^^ The wig looks really nice on you, it's a great color. 14 years ago
  • yayahan Great shot and very awesome costumes! 14 years ago
  • XMoonLilyX Ah this is a nice shot, and the costumes look beautiful. ^_^ 14 years ago
  • Elsch Beautiful costumes, so colorful! ^0^ 14 years ago
  • Shadow Valkyrie such a cute shot of the three of you! I love all your great looking FE costumes. Oh and how did you make Mist's staff?? (sorry I tend to ask a lot of questions, I should really learn how to stop) anyway I heart your Mist costume sooo much!! ^_^ *big nerdy smile* 14 years ago