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Solaria Ghetto Nana cosplay is ghettooooo. Well, not Scruffy Rebel's Hachi, since she made the whole cupcake skirt ensemble, and maybe not Jinyo's Takumi, since it looks so sharp. But Arkadia and I totally raided a couple stores the night before Anime Con Carne to join them as ghetto Nana and Nobu.

Coincidentally, I already owned the jacket Nana is wearing, so when I found a matching hat for Nobu, I convinced her to incorporate the jacket into her ensemble. Band solidarity and all. (Plus this is ghetto last-minuteness so we weren't trying to match any specific references.)

Jason (i360) takes great photographs, because it was super-bright outside. I just like all our poses.
Hachi = Scruffy Rebel
Takumi = Jinyo
Nana = Arkadia
Nobu = me!
  • bobbarker31 Smoking is cool. :p Awesome group! 14 years ago
  • Katie I love this photo, too! *_* 14 years ago
  • AmazonMandy So much love for this group! 14 years ago
  • Jinyo I made my entire outfit! ... or none of it, actually. 14 years ago
  • Scruffy Rebel I'm the best bang groupie pimp ever!!!! XD 14 years ago
  • Celeste_Orchid wow now thats epic 14 years ago
  • Ambrosia I love this photo! So bright and colorful, and y'all look great! 14 years ago