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nekopin i was thinking~~should i use full peacock feather or to replace other half with other feathers ~~coz is over 150 feather still not finish 50% i think it may take other 200 feather ....very $$$$ TVT
  • cometa 孔雀......大孔雀........画圈圈~~ 恩,这个东西在我们这里很便宜的说 17 years ago
  • nekopin 不是很騷麼~~很敗家就是丫 17 years ago
  • solano 看起来果然难........... *先晕* 17 years ago
  • nekopin >Astellecia HUG~~i try ny best ~ hope can finish on time >+</// 17 years ago
  • Astellecia zhushang, jia you!!! 17 years ago
  • nekopin >Imriela d other feather......em ~maybe chicken feather .. like what xiola ~^^ >LadyoftheThread very pretty~but abit expensive for a obi ......T+T >musica heart woo~~ they have alot of feather ~thanks for the link ~ i making a chinese costume for 12 kingdoms~ hopefuly i can finish it on time >+</// >xiola maybe chicken chest feather ~nature black ~ i think the effect will be good since my dress is mainly purple ~ ^^/// 17 years ago
  • xiola it's pretty :DD personally i think shiny black feathers look nice with peacock feathers, coz then at least it looks like you did it on purpose. or maybe you could sort of blend them together in the middle and fade from all-peacock at the ends to all-black at the centre o.o;; i think ti'd be nice. 17 years ago
  • musica heart I say, thats wonderful, I don't know what character it is, but thats very pretty. may look nice if you used these, the " Hackel" feathers, and get them custom dyed? 17 years ago
  • LadyoftheThread Ooh, very pretty. I love peacock feathers. ^_^ 17 years ago
  • Imriela That will get pretty pricey, won't it? But this does look beautiful so far, and I'm not sure other feathers will look so nice with the peacock ones. 17 years ago