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Ononoke OH MAN! Inside joke. We were at Youmacon a few weekends ago doing our photoshoot in this little garden terrace thing when FullMoonBunny leaned back and somehow shattered one of the wooden support beams. So I got a little crazy and attempted to kick all of the rest of the support beams to see if they would break too.

Oh man.. good times.
  • Gun Haver lol damn right , you kick that fence show it whos boss!!! bam! smash! pow! 15 years ago
  • effembee HONEY ANGRY HONEY SMASH. 16 years ago
  • dandelionswish HONEYYYYYY i wanna cosplay him sooo baddd ;_; ahhh i love it!!!!!!!! *HUGS* 16 years ago
  • Rynn I seriously just LOLed so hard right now. I don't even have anything to say..you're just the best Honey in the world. And YOU NEED TO GET YOUR AIM BACK KTHX. 16 years ago