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Ononoke Oh poor wig.. Being left on my friend's bedroom floor and neglected for months.

My friend Jackie gave me this wig to fix up for her for her Rukia cosplay at ACen. Really it just needed a good combing and a little bit of heat and hairspray. Hopefully she's learned her lesson for taking care of wigs.
  • strawberrykitte You are so gifted! Much love! 16 years ago
  • Rynn Dude I seriously clicked on this link and freaked out because I thought you were cosplaying Rukia. Way to let me down! After that initial shock though, I have to say you did a freaking fabulous job on that wig! Best Rukia wig I've ever seen! :D 16 years ago
  • mercure very nice ^0^ ~♥ 16 years ago