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from costume Devil Jin
Omega Corn I'm having a harder time with these than the wings, and I am king over budget.
$3 for 4 button covers?!

Damn you Jo Ann.....

.....damn you.

or should I use your street name -- Ms. Fabrics.
  • J.Kazama I gotta third the question above, what material is that? 13 years ago
  • Lady Saea First, your Jin is amazing. Secondly, I err second the question above. What material did you use for the arms? 14 years ago
  • StripperANBU just curious, what is that stuff? the material i mean...wonderflex? it looks awesome either way. 14 years ago
  • Lady Muramasa XD!! Yeah, she's a real charger. But in the end you made it work. 15 years ago