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R.Cutie Since I didn't get many pictures of my Yukata that I made at the Matsuri and I know it'll be awhile before I put it back on XD I put together two detail pics to show it off a bit better.

The fabric has this adorable crane and even a frog (which you can't see) in Haori! The minute I saw them I knew it had to be made a Yukata. The Obi is made from two fabrics. One just yellow and the othe blue with multiple butterflies. This is not a "pre-made" obi...I made it the long length and tied it up like this for Matsuri. It was my first time tying this type of knot and I'm quite happy with it ^^ No pins or ties! The fan was one I had bought ages ago.

I'll have a pic of me in this soon!
  • R.Cutie Chibi Ice Wolf - Thank you! I really love obi's XD And everyone should have a Yukata and Kimono! Maple - Thankyou Thankyou! 16 years ago
  • Lodi How charming! I love the little details and all the effort you put into them! 16 years ago
  • Chibi Ice Wolf great job with the obi - it's gorgeous! *.* I want a pretty yukata too ;3; 16 years ago