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from costume Haruka Suzushima
Miki-san This photo was taken on the sunday of Abunai 2009. My friend is cosplaying as Mikoto, she really makes the best Mikoto ever! I am cosplaying as Haruka. Thanks to biancanarutolov for taking this nice picture of the two of us :)
  • Yama-chan You both look amazing! 11 years ago
  • Tay Heavengreen I really love your crossplays! xDDD 11 years ago
  • FrozenNight You two look so great! ^_^ 12 years ago
  • Blue Sasarai nice ^-^ keep up the awesome costumes! 12 years ago
  • Miki-san hehe thnx :) well, ive only worn it on sunday...and i happend to be alot outside the convention (mostly in the park ^_^) 12 years ago
  • Evadoll Jullie twee waren zo geweldig! *loves* 12 years ago
  • Miasan I haven't seen this cosplay at all! Great 'crosstume', as always. :) 12 years ago
  • Zhenya You both look really cool.^^ 12 years ago