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from costume Hawkeye
The_Wolverine first time i put on the costume fully. I made the bow, arm gaurd, and glove. and i'm almost done the quiver, i altered the vest but other wise the costume was bought
  • DrTights Holy crap you look just like him!! Awesome costume and prop! 8 years ago
  • NekoSatsuki Very similar to the original Clint from the movie *.* Wonderful *.* Hawkeye is my favourite Avengers ^^ (Sorry for my bad english, i'm italian and sometimes i can't choose the words properly...) 8 years ago
  • Master Zero Pretty rad. =) 8 years ago
  • PSY-chan For a second there, I thought you were Renner's doppelganger. This cosplay looks amazing. Fantastic work! 8 years ago