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from costume Millenia
Millenia133 Well, me as Millenia! This picture was taken in a shopping are and everyone was staring at me! Really scary!
  • Gryphus Wow, very impressive :0 13 years ago
  • sephygoth oh man, go "old school" Well done from one of the better of the set 13 years ago
  • cloudwarrior awesome is the best way to describe 13 years ago
  • Ollie I see what you did there. That's pretty cool. 13 years ago
  • vickyyy [email protected] 13 years ago
  • dustyG people love to stare!^^ 13 years ago
  • Feena-chan I think they almost died when they saw such a beuty on the street :D you are fantastic but you already know this right?^^ 13 years ago