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from costume Youko Nakajima
LadyoftheThread Here’s the other costume I debuted at Anime Boston. I’ve been meaning to cosplay Youko from The Twelve Kingdoms for years and I finally did! Although I love the anime and Youko is one of my favorites from the series, I didn’t especially like any of her anime outfits. ^_^; So, this costume is based on the rather vague cover illustration from the Twelve Kingdoms anime guide. (Reference: pics/youkoinwhite.jpg)

This is pretty similar in construction to the Twelve Kingdoms nyosen uniform I made a few years ago. Two kimono style tops, two skirts, a sash that closes with snaps and hooks and eyes in the back, and a front panel that hangs from a belt hidden under the sash.

The inner layer is plain white and the outer layer is white on white cherry blossom brocade. I actually wanted a pure white Chinese brocade with some colored designs but after a lot of searching, it just didn't seem to exist. :-/ So, I gave up and used white on white. The sash and lavender panel are also Chinese brocades. I might go back and add something to the panel since it seems too plain right now.

Photo by fotofong.