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from costume Seras Victoria
Ononoke Haha, this is my Ammo Can which was constantly being reffered to as a boombox throughout Youmacon(Inside Joke) Anyways, I love this random shot that The-Real-Link took of me. I feel like such a doof because I didnt realise the photos from the convention were uploaded until today.

Thanks The-Real-Link!
  • Gun Haver sweet hair ^^ and the boombox super pwns!!! 15 years ago
  • *Sugar* You make such an adorable Seras! :D 16 years ago
  • The Element :O havent seen you post in a while. lookin good :D 16 years ago
  • Hasu Seras strikes me as being highly un-gangsta, but that ammo box does (very vaguely) resemble a boom box. XD Probably the way you hold it. In any case, this is a lovely headshot. That hair/make up combo looks great on you! Your eyes are pretty. =3 16 years ago
  • Grey Finch Great picture :D you make a really good Seras! 16 years ago