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squ33k t0y I was bored tonight and decided to take Battle Royale photos! I haven't cosplayed this for a while o.o

I couldn't find my skirt I made for the costume, so I used my school skirt and just flipped it around! xD (it's tech. a kilt, so it has no pleats in the front o.o;; )
  • squ33k t0y Thanks!! ^^ I saw your Kiriyama costume too! They look so cool!! > 16 years ago
  • HopelessHavoc No problem! ^^ I'm a huge fan of Battle Royale. Your costume looks great 16 years ago
  • squ33k t0y Thank you! ^^ 16 years ago
  • HopelessHavoc Battle Royale!! ^_^ Looks awesome! 16 years ago