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Caldoria I uploaded this before, but not cropped. I know the rules here and didn't think I was really crossing any lines with the pantsu. Actually, it's pantsu, hosiery and pantsu. Then a moral super hero reported me. I felt so embarrassed, I am not the type to get in trouble. I'm incredibly modest (I wear clothes over swimsuits!) but this one time I tried to be bold. Oh, well. I'll let it go and we'll try this again. Here's a cropped version acceptable for all. Maybe I'll upload the original version on my DeviantArt account someday. I should have just tried DA as I feel more comfortable there. Sorry if I offended you.

This is based on some apparently popular art showing Rider, though I don't know if it's official art?
  • demon2010 That cosplay looks amazing! :D I've been meaning to attempt that myself, actually. If you don't mind me asking... how did you make your mask? 13 years ago
  • Geb_Geb really great Rider! 13 years ago
  • IzunaDrop247 Your Rider is spot on! Awesome! 13 years ago
  • negativedreamer looking great! hope to see ya at megacon 13 years ago