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LadyoftheThread Progress pic I took while working on the appliqués for my Count D artbook kimono. ^_^

(Based on this pic from the Petshop of Horrors artbook: pics/IMG_0745.jpg)

The designs were handpainted with a mixture of Neopaque and Lumiere paints by Jacquard. The appliques were then cut and fused to the black background fabric with Steam-a-Seam. I applied stabilizer to the back and satin stitched along the edges with metallic gold thread.

The stitching was the most difficult and time consuming part since there were so many curves (the indentations were especially tricky). And trying to do it on such a large piece of fabric (this is about half of a kimono sleeve) made it worse since all the fabric around the area where I was actually sewing would get in the way. >_< The stabilizer had to be applied for one appliqué at a time and removed after I was done with each one because trying to apply a large piece for all the appliqués at once made the fabric too stiff to manipulate through the machine. So, it would take me about an hour to stitch 3 of the appliqués. I had 96 of them on the finished costume so it took quite a while! ^_^;
  • WindoftheStars My goodness what dedication. The end result is beautiful though! I love it. 12 years ago
  • zozo phew, that must have been a looot of consentration work right there. But an amazing result I must say! Kudos for sticking to it all the way through :3 12 years ago