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from costume Sona
  • slarson802 Thank you! how did you attach the fabric to the foam, with Dap? 9 years ago
  • slarson802 psh, haters gonna hate hunny i dont think anyone has boobs as big as sona that are as small and cute as you are! Video game girls for you! ;] you did a great job! What did you use for the gold trim on the dress and where did you get it? I am working on a Redeemed Riven and need to find some of the same stuff! thanks girl! 9 years ago
  • Kotone-Sayuri wow, i love it! great colours and i thinks it's awesome that you actually made the instrument. I'm making a costume of Sona as well atm, I really love the character n_n you did an awesome job portraying her! 10 years ago
  • Со-тян Нравится) 10 years ago