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from costume Saria (Custom)
kaliko_rosa XD This is a picture of me in my Saria cosplay at the Royal Abington Faire. I couldn't resist taking a picture at this little prisoner contrapment! Though that bale of hay was so not good for the ass.... lol. Part of the punishment T_T;
  • InkyLink Who would kill Saria? Whoever it is, is SICK. lol -InkyLink 15 years ago
  • Jaina Solo BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Too cute. XD 17 years ago
  • Demri Owwies! So prickly! But you look really cute as a pouty Saria! lol 17 years ago
  • Tenshi Musouka Awww... that is so cute. ^^ I had so much fun at the renaissance fair with you. Its such a different experience then a con! This picture of you is so cute. I guess I will have to post up my version sooner or later wont I? ^^;; 17 years ago