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from costume Prince
AoutValour Shot from the shoot with Phoenix_Kasai. She is amazing.
  • Bunnjamin wow those are some WHITE feet, ha....great job man, i like this pic a lot. mlar latrix 12 years ago
  • Elika_88 WoW! Elika is to enviable. ยด like too have a prince, too!!!! T.T Cut the bullshit! You are a very good team and the costumes a very great! Keep it up! 12 years ago
  • FyreGothChylde Congrats again to winning the video game contest at A-kon..I was so impressed by the level of detail you guys did!! ^^ 12 years ago
  • Phoenix_Kasai Thanks for holding me up for so long!! You were great!! Can't wait to do anothe shoot with u. :) 12 years ago
  • Winter's Dream Very nice shot. Emotive and beautiful 12 years ago