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BreannaAiedail The finished hat and wig. It actually isn't a wig, it's a fall that we cut up and sewed into the inside rim of the hat. Since it's real hair, we were able to style, curl, and feather it.
  • Radien Ahh, my hunch was right. :) Yes, that's quite a lot of gold light. Must have yellow bulbs. Haha, if that makes you a cheat, I'm a cheat many times over... :P 13 years ago
  • Radien Nice job! VERY gold. Knowing how fickle cameras can be, I'm guessing that it's a little lighter than it appears in this photo. But SS Link's hair is darker, anyway, so this should be perfect. :) Glad you are so good at styling etc.; sewing this to the hat must've been a challenge. 13 years ago
  • JabuJabule Great job! Perfect! 13 years ago