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from costume Clint 'Hawkeye' Barton
Sephirayne Hawkeye Costume made and worn by me

Black Widow Costume made and worn by Nocturnal Blossom

Photo by Foxseye

You'll have to excuse my derp in this pic. Ellie looked too gorgeous not to share these.

I had an absolute blast while part of this group. We decided to go for a Marvel group at Amecon 2012 which quickly changed into an 'Avengers' (or 'Avengers Assemble') group. I chose Hawkeye as I am an archer (display and stunt) and I loved the character. Due to a house move taking place near the event I rushed the whole costume together in four days. The whole costume is scratch built built by me (including the bow, wig, quiver, clothing and arrows). I'm not entirely happy with the result so parts will be remade for a future event.

Note - Due the event taking place in a public setting my bow doesn't have the string attached.

Thanks ever so much to my fellow Avengers (Assvengers).
Thanks to Foxy for taking this awesome photo.
Thanks to my brother for helping me finish the arrows.

Photo taken during the Avengers shoot at Amecon 2012. Location Keele University, UK.
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