Teetah's image
from costume Kasumi
Teetah Ewww some details missing due to lack of time but finishing McDohl with all details and stuff was more important to me than completing my own costume. ^^;

Pose inspired by various Naruto pics I've seen. xD Hey, she's a Ninja so it fits... somehow... ^__^;

McDohl has the Souleater rune on his arm that's why he's showing it into the cam ^^ (it's a real tattoo btw *-*)

McDohl - Monkeypunch
Kasumi - me
pic by [email protected]
  • Miaka-li Wai *.* I think he really is a lot McDohl'ish ;) Oh and I like your Ninja pose... didn't think of Naruto when looking on pictures of you and Ulti XD 14 years ago
  • Elsch You two look great!! In real it looks even better than on the photo. ^^ 14 years ago
  • Kairi_Heartless I love you both ^o^ Still want to take photos with you *ggg* 14 years ago