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Axtar My favorite shot from Comic Fiesta 2007 - Why yes, I obviously like this costume very much, why do you ask? 8D Also, since Fenix was doing the SuiV Prince this year, I thought it'd be an awesome idea to join her. =p

Haven't seen any shots of the both of us yet though; hoping some will surface soon.

I was pretty rushed though; getting the hair done took quite a bit of time and I didn't get the necessary makeup (especially around the eyes) done, accck. Nevertheless, I had fun and I'm thinking that's what counts most, right? =D

Photo by: Angeline92 (Thanks so very much!)
  • Leandaradara i like this picture^^ i never played suikoden (it's a game, right? ) but i love the costume designs and you did an amazing job on your costume^^ 14 years ago
  • pearle Nice Hazuki cosplay~~~~ 14 years ago
  • DMJewelle =DDD 14 years ago